A love letter.

An initial to reaffirm oneself or loved one for a special gift.

The letters hide a thousand meanings and are made their own by those who know how to read them.

Accompanied by elegant designs inspired by the world of 19th-century fabrics in Toile de Jouy style, Baci Milano presents a capsule collection ready to conquer: practical cloth placemats and porcelain cups to personalise your home with style and good taste.

Beloved by Marie Antoinette, the Toile de Jouy decoration was synonymous with elegance and charm and was present in the most fashionable houses in France.

One of the most widespread themes was that of love, with representations of courtships and tender embraces. Baci Milano wanted to convey the warmth of these designs on a product intended to bring warmth on cold winter days: a very soft blanket, available in 4 elegant colour variants, ideal for feeling wrapped up in the warmth of a cuddle.