Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia

A world of stories, personalities and secrets to reveal.

Baci Milano dedicates this exuberant and iconic collection to freedom of thought and expression. A lively celebration of the ability to open up and value others. Style, elegance and originality declined in a range of products that belong to design and remind of art. Classic and contemporary world meet and mix in style, colors and materials: resin and porcelain.


The Stylish

The stylish embodies the elegance and style of people who love to express themselves through clothing and the art of fashion.

Dedicated to fashionistas, trendsetters, and those who have a keen eye for design and beauty.

The Hipster

The hipster embodies the spirit of those who embrace diversity, creativity, and an alternative lifestyle.

Dedicated to cultural innovators, trendsetters, and those who seek beauty in eclecticism.


The Dreamer

The dreamer conveys a sense of wonder and possibility, representing the imagination and emotional depth of those who know how to look beyond what meets the eye.

Dedicated to dreamers, creatives, and those who seek inspiration in the depths of their being.

The Viper

The viper embodies the spirit of individuals who navigate with cunning and possess sharp intelligence.

Dedicated to players, strategists, and those who appreciate the art of subtlety.


The Transgressive

The transgressive embodies the energy of those who challenge boundaries, break conventions, and rebel against the rules imposed by society.

Dedicated to free spirits, innovators, and those who refuse to be defined by others’ expectations.

The Irreverent

The irreverent embodies the personality of those who defy conventions and embrace their individuality in a lively and incisive manner.

Dedicated to creative thinkers, free spirits, and those who dare to break the rules to pursue their own unique vision of the world.